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MOL Centrum - Rozenberg Electrical Parade 133 Years World Class

On Saturday September 2nd 2017, for the 133th consecutive year, the World’s Oldest and Biggest Electrical Parade will take place in the town centre of Mol (in the Province of Antwerp in Belgium - Europe). The truly astonishing carriages will surround you in an exiting atmosphere of Romance, Fantasy, Breathtaking Technology, and vivid colours whereas their fabulous stories embodies a precious tradition.

Is the credo of our Electrical Parade. Our street musicians programme is integrated seamlessly in our Electrical Parade.

The Electrical Parade will take place in the centre of the town of Mol in the Province of Antwerp in Belgium.

Mol is situated near the motorway E-313 Antwerpen - Hasselt. Coming from Antwerp take exit nr. 24 Geel-Oost and follow the signs “Mol” (about 15 km from the exit nr. 24).

The Electrical Parade will take place on Saturday September 2nd 2016 as of 20:45 hrs.

Main Stage: KTI-band (Jazzy-sound) (Show until 21.30 h)
Mobile Animation  1: De Rustende Moeders
Mobile Animation 2: Fire Master Stevarius
Children Show  1: Famo (Balloon sculptures)
Children Show 2: Magic Fernando (Magician)
Children Show  3: HeCo
Main Street:             Harmonie Sint Martinus Halle-Kempen
                                    A.M. Brass Band (Mol)
                                    Showkorps Groot Veldhoven (Eindhoven)
                                    Harmonie De Volkswil (Turnhout)

- 20.20 u:      Spectacular Fireworks.

- 20.35 h:      Start of the Electrical Parade.

Our Electrical Parade is an organisation of the Royal “Koninklijke Maatschappij De Rozenband v.z.w”. De Rozenband is the overall organising committee consisting of about 25 autonomous friendship clubs that annually participate with their light parade carriage. Surprisingly, since 1885, the Electrical Parade is a realisation of one single town centre district “De Rozenberg” (The Mountain of Roses).

The Electrical Parade will take place in following streets:
- Gompelbaan (start).
- Rozenberg.
- Voogdijstraat.
- Statiestraat.
- G. Gezellestraat.
- Bergstraat.
- Rozenberg.
- Gompelbaan (Finish).

The enclosed Parade circuit has a distance of about 1500-meter and is in the close neighbourhood of nice shops and beautiful streets. In the immediate neighbourhood there is sufficient Free Parking areas.

- Adults:               € 7, -
- Children -12y:   free entrance

In order to avoid traffic jams and delays while arriving at the Electrical Parade circuit we organise free parking facilities for our visitors in the immediate vicinity of the town centre. While entering the town centre we have organised a guided traffic guidance system directed to several large Parking areas. At your arrival there will be free of charge Busses at your disposal that will bring you several times an hour to the centre of town. As soon as the Electrical Parade is finished you will be able to utilise the free bus service to get back at your car.

The 2017 Electrical Parade consists of about 25- carriages / acts in following composition:
- 5 Costumed Light carrying Groups.
- 3 Medium Light carriages.
- 13 Main Light Carriages.
- 4 Marching Bands.

Medium light carriages have an average surface of about 14 m2.
Main Light Carriages have an average surface of about 32 m2.

The dimensions of the Electrical Parade Carriages are:
Height:      8 m;
Wide:        6 m;
Length:      12 m

For the Electrical Parade the required electrical power is estimated at:      
50,000 A/hour delivered through batteries.
1,000,000 Watt delivered through power generators.
This is the equivalent of almost 300,000 (yes, three hundred thousand) lightbulbs.

For additional information please visit us at:    


Or contact via e-mail at 


Koninklijke Maatschappij De Rozenband v.z.w.
Bremstraat 23
2400 Mol

Tel: +32 486 43 89 87

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For More Information Contact:

Koninklijke Maatschappij De Rozenband. Bremstraat 23, 2400 Mol
Tel: +32 486 43 89 87
Internet: rozenberg.lichtstoet@online.be

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